●Aerial Photographer with Fugro Horizons, Inc.

● Summer Photo Intern with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne, Wyoming as well as two weeks as photo staff employee.
● Two years and a half years of experience with the University of Wyoming school paper, The Branding Iron.
● A summer of freelance work with a major daily newspaper in Spearfish, South Dakota.
● A summer working for an advertising firm in Rapid City, South Dakota.
● Proficient with Photoshop, PhotoMechanic, Sound Slides, Audacity, ACT Editor, and Canon photo equipment, digital recording equipment and lighting gear.


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Graduation Date: May 2008
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

Courses taken included:
● Photojournalism
● Online Publishing
● Issues in Mass Media
● Mass Comm Law
● News Editing
● Mass Media & Society
● Intro to Mass Media
● Reporting & News Writing
● Intro to Photography
● Public Affairs Reporting
● Feature Writing



Aerial Photographer, November 2008- Present

My job includes operating aerial survey equipment that I personally installed into small airplanes. The job entails running and maintaining the camera, while navigating the pilot to the area that needed to be collected and surveyed. The job has taken me from coast to coast. Small town to massive city. It has provided amazing life experience and unbelievable photo opportunities. I was even flown to Australia for seven weeks during the winter of 2011 to help out on a large survey project. While there, I was able to travel and see the country in a way that most Americans never will. Be it by small plane or car or foot, exploring the great “Down Under” has been a highlight of my life to date.


Summer Photography Internship, Summer 2008
Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Cheyenne, Wyoming
For the internship I was treated as a staff employee of the photo department and was responsible for all the duties a normal photojournalist would be.
The job was both rewarding and challenging. My work seemed to be appreciated seeing as how Michael Smith, the Tribune Eagle’s photo editor, called me back down to fill in for a fellow photographer who needed to take medical leave after the internship had ended.
I worked as a staff employee and was paid as such, working 13 of the 14 days I was in Cheyenne following the internship.


Staff Photographer, April 2006 to May 2008
University of Wyoming Branding Iron, Laramie, Wyoming
Photograph various happenings around campus ranging from sports to art show or whatever needs coverage.
Also finding happenings and get interesting photos without specific assignments’ mostly used for stand alones.
Interviewed people that were involved in the photographs and found the information necessary to complete my assignment.
I have never missing a deadline in my time are the BI and have always done my best to taking interesting and eye catching photos.


Freelance Photographer, May 2006 to August 2006.
Black Hills Pioneer, Spearfish, South Dakota.
I was assigned large social gatherings around the Spearfish area with the intention of taking a new approach to photographing annual events.
Covered several of these gatherings and was praised for my approach by several community members as well as the Pioneers’ Managing Editor, Donna Smith.


Staff Photographer, May 2004 to August 2004.
Hot Pink Inc., Rapid City, South Dakota
Travel across the state of South Dakota to more than fifty cities and capture photos that represented each particular city.
A list of 30 specific locations, such as city halls and police stations, were required to be photographed in each city, that allowed me to have a lot of interaction with the locals.
Over a two and a half month period I had traveled over 1,000 miles, been to every corner of South Dakota, taken literally hundreds of photos and upon my return to Rapid City was greeted with a very satisfied boss.